We are excited to announce that The Village Veterinary Surgery is now able to offer cutting-edge K-Laser therapy for pets.

Laser therapy has been in use in Europe since the 1970’s and has a wide range of healthcare applications to benefit your pet. K-Laser therapy, which can be used to reduce swelling, reduce pain and increase circulation, is the preferred choice of practitioners around the world, including Noel Fitzpatrick who featured the same laser on Channel 4’s Supervet. This is going to be a very popular service and we are already receiving enquiries and bookings.


Studies show that Laser Therapy can help with:

  • •  Osteoarthritis
  • •  Joint Pain
  • •  Tendinopathies
  • •  Oedema and Congestion
  • •  Ligament Sprains
  • •  Muscle Strains
  • •  Puncture Wounds
  • •  Post-Traumatic Injury
  • •  Post-Surgical Pain
  • •  Neck and Back Pain
  • •  Hip Dysplasia
  • •  Burns
  • •  Chronic Wounds
  • •  Rehabilitation
  • •  Post-Orthopedic Surgical Recovery


Pain Relief and Healing

By drawing oxygen and nutrients to the affected area, the application of laser creates an optimal healing environment. Swelling and circulation is improved and pain is reduced, not only this, but the treatment itself is painless, thus reducing recovery time and giving your pet relief from discomfort.


How does laser therapy work?

Infrared light interacts with cells to create increased metabolic activity. This then stimulates the transportation of key nutrients across cell membranes and increases production of cellular energy. What this means is that the whole healing process can be accelerated with a pain-free, drug-free and stress-free treatment.


What to Expect

Laser treatment is a dream for both vet and patient. There can be a mild warm sensation which is actually quite comforting and means we do not need to use drugs for sedation or any restraint methods. The whole process can actually be quite relaxing!

The length and number of treatments your pet needs depends on their condition. Most patients require multiple sessions to gain maximum benefit. A treatment usually lasts around 3 to 8 minutes per site, and a typical plan might include several treatment sessions in the first week with the number of visits tapering as the animal’s condition improves. For some conditions, especially chronic conditions such as arthritis and disc disease, your vet may recommend regular maintenance K-Laser treatments.

While some pets may appear much more bright and mobile immediately after just one treatment, it is important to consult your vet about their activity levels. Nobody likes pain, but it has evolved for a reason – it is often there to tell us not to exert ourselves or use a damaged part of our body. For this reason, your pet may need to continue with the rest plan set out by your vet until sufficient healing has taken place.

Want to find out if K-Laser therapy is right for your pet or book treatments?

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