Pets and Fireworks:

Did you know we offer Behavioural Therapy sessions for pets?

Pets and Fireworks

Pets and fireworks don’t mix! If your pet suffers with firework or other noise phobia and usually becomes distressed at this time, make an appointment to come in and chat to one of our nurses or vets about available therapies to help with noise phobia.

We sometimes offer discounts on behavioural therapies during November to VIP members. So, as well as benefiting from discounts  all year round on any of our VIP Club preventative healthcare services & products, club member also get FREE nurse consultations!

You can join the VIP Club and start benefiting immediately.

Join the VIP Club

To give you an example of what a dog owner would receive as a VIP Club member, check out this huge list of benefits that not only help you save money but also budget monthly too.

  • Yearly full health examination with your veterinary surgeon

  • 10 point health check with a veterinary nurse 6 months after your pet’s annual vaccination

  • Vaccination – routine yearly boosters are included

  • Flea treatment – all effective preventative flea treatment required for the year

  • Worm treatment – all the recommended preventative worm treatment required each year

  • 15% off any additional vaccines (Kennel cough, rabies etc.)

  • 15% off microchipping

  • 15% off neutering

  • 10% off routine dental care and dental care products

  • 10% off all life stage and prescription diets purchased at the surgery

  • 10% off veterinary consultation fees

  • Free nail clips with a nurse

Read more about our VIP Club for dogs, cats and rabbits here.

Download a Free pets and fireworks safety advice guide: 'Firework Fears and Phobias'


Pets and fireworks don't mix! If your cat or dog suffers during this period then this Firework Fears and Phobias information is for you. We've compiled a special firework guide for you to download, print and keep handy during Novembers' firework festivities. These helpful tips will give you advice to keep your pets safe and happy. Simply fill in your details below, click the button and we'll give you a link to download.

How we use your data: When you request to download our Firework Fears and Phobias information, your name and email address will be added to the Village Vets email list. Please don't worry - we never share your details with any other companies. Occasionally we may send you a news bulletin or a special offer which we think our customers will be interested in. You can opt out at any time.

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